Building a WiFi Gateway using ESP8266

Written by Rajendra Khope , Jul 11, 2017

It's possible to build a WIFI enabled gateway running directly on an ESP8266 module.

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Installation and Calibration of CT

Written by Rajendra Khope , May 18, 2017

Installation and Calibration of Current Transformer for measurement of Power

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Installing Driver for CH340

Written by Rajendra Khope , Mar 16, 2017

The CH340 chip is used by a number of Arduino compatible boards to provide USB connectivity

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Calculating Sensor battery life

Written by Rajendra Khope , Mar 06, 2017

The battery life (for a hypothetical temperature sensor) can be calculated by determining the average current for the circuit, using the following general equation:

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The Wireless Sensor Network

Written by Rajendra Khope , Dec 06, 2016

In this section, you will learn the difference between Sensor, Repeater-sensor and Gateway.

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Internet of Things

Written by Rajendra Khope , Mar 01, 2016

The "Internet of Things" connects devices and vehicles using electronic sensors and the Internet.

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